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Quickly design and build scalable, production-ready AI solutions with Lucd.

Sri Surabhi

Śrī Surabhi Go Kṣetra [SSGK] is a project of Sustainable Eco Alliance (SEA) is a non-profit Trust.

Hybar Constructions

Hybar Construction LLC was formed in July of 2013 by its owner Anthony Delgott.

Proud Planet

We offer comprehensive eco-friendly products for a cleaner world


Let Danielle Do All The Talking. Listen. Assess. Qualify.

Mile High Cleaner

The Science of Mile High Cleaner is based on theories of Polar Attraction and Encapsulation.

The Lucrative Lady

Like a lot of the women who have attended a ‘Take Action Day’.

Shantai Realty

A modern and excellent space to conduct your business, located in Surat- Saroli.


Helping you discover your world is still what drives everything we do.